Monday, October 11, 2010

13th Anniversary: Venge's Sangiovese & Beef Fillet

Our 13th wedding anniversary today.  And, since Venge's wines have been a go-to for us since visiting in '06, I thought we should have a bottle tonight.  The meal:  beef fillets (pan seared and grilled), broccoli casserole and grilled French bread.  The wine:  '07 Atlas Peak Sangiovese from Venge Vineyards.  This is a big boy @ 15.5 alcohol @ ~$30.  After corking the bottle and pouring a small pour, the first sniff told me that it was definitely 15.5.  So, we decanted it for 45 minutes or so and it has become much more balanced now.  It's showing some nice fruit on the nose.  The tannins continued to soften over time and the mid-palate show a little earthiness and terroir, to me.  The Atlas Peak has a nice lingering finish and should pair very well with tonight's meal.  Cheers to all.

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