Friday, October 14, 2011

'07 Mayo Family Syrah - purchased from Lot18

unWine'd with a pour...

I recently joined Lot18 which is a site where you can search for and see special prices for many different wines.  You can check it out to see if you find deals that interest you.

Click link below:

My first purchase was '07, Mayo Family, Syrah (Page/Nord Vineyard).  As always, I researched the prices on-line, checked the wine's rating, tasting notes, et al.  The wine was in my price range and the tasting notes appealed to me.  I bought 4 bottles and have had one to date.

This wine is a dark garnet toward inky purple in color with dark fruit on the nose.  This wine has the roundness of a nice Cabernet but with that hint of spiciness you expect from Syrah.  I thought the mid-palate had hint of vanilla & plum, though slight.  The wine has nice structure, not tannic but with a nice lingering finish.  I will decant the next bottle and see how that effects the taste as I didn't have time to do that with the first bottle.  I will enjoy the other three bottles.


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