Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dry Aged NY Strip on Red Oak

unWine'd with a pour...

Dry Aged NY Strip on Red Oak:
Prep, well, you don't need much prep for Dry Aged beef.  I put a little EVOO, black pepper and ground sea salt on the steaks for seasoning.  Afterwards, I let'm sit for a couple of hours at room temp.
I'm not usually a NY Strip fan but the dry aging process did the trick for this cut of beef.  It's as tender as a rib-eye and the flavor of the dry aging is unmatched.

Pick-up your Dry Aged Beef @ Wholes Foods in Franklin, TN.

Seared 2 minutes on each side and then grilled on Red Oak plank until the internal temp was 125 - 130 degrees for a nice med-rare.

09 Seghesio Zin - inky purple in color, jammy, dark fruit - maybe blueberry - on the nose, not tannic but with a slight spiciness and lingering finish. You'll be looking for a second bottle. 

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