Sunday, June 27, 2010

Endive into dinner

A quick and easy recipe for Sunday evening's dinner. I grilled everything and it took about 15 minutes to cook and about 30 mins to prep. We chose grilled endive, French bread and asparagus... We spread garlic olive oil over the endive and bread. The asparagus was marinated in garlic olive oil, cracked black pepper and Kosher salt. Afterwards, I wrapped the asparagus in alum foil and placed it on the top rack of the grille for about 20 mins. With the grille at 450 degrees, I grilled the bread and endive for about 5 mins or so. Grille the bread as done as you like it and grille the endive until the leaves are wilting and you have grille marks. I grilled the endive, cut side down, and did not turn it. While that was cooking we mixed up the blue cheese, applewood bacon, mayo, milk, sour cream and shallot dressing for the endive. No vino tonight. We went with Pomegranate martinis. Cheers to all...

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